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Locally handmade yarns, rugs and local mill.


Providing animal fiber mill services the entire United States!

About Six Paca Farm

Quality and service have been first and foremost in our production. Semi-retirement from construction allows me the time to involve myself in this new lifestyle. By keeping our herd at a manageable size, we are able to know each alpaca and manage its nutrition which in turn gives us the incredible fiber we all desire.

Six Paca Farm is located in southeastern Connecticut, only 2.5 miles from I-395. The lush acreage and surrounding shade trees give the alpacas plenty of room to roam, yet provide entertainment for all of our farm visitors who come to watch.

Events at Six Paca Farm

Coventry Farmers Market

Come check us out at the Coventry Farmers Market, 2299 South St. on Sunday, Sept 30th from 11 AM to 2 PM when we will have an array of colors from our alpacas both in natural and hand dyed colors that will be presented in both skeins of yarn...

Our Mill

Our Mill opened its doors in 2013 and since then we have expanded into processing fiber for alpaca and other species, such as wool. Our state of the art wash system from New Zealand and our semi-worsted carder from Italy allows us to produce award winning yarns for ourselves and others.

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Farm, Lounge & Store

Not just a farm store, Six Paca offers an incredible inventory of scarves, shawls, socks, hats, ponchos, mitten, gloves, rugs and more. We carry a large variety of both natural colors and hand dyed yarns from our own animals. Not only do we grow our own alpaca, since we have a mill we also spin all our own yarns. From finger weight all the way up to rug bumps are completely made here in Bozrah CT, by Six Paca Farm.

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